Fall Tillage – Chop Stalks, Disk Ruts, Rip Dirt

Vertical Tillage With Chopping Blades – Great in Fall On Corn Stalks:

2011 30′ MacFarlane Reel Disk
2010 30′ Great Plains Turbo Chopper

We like one pass at an angle in the fall, and then one in the spring to warm the ground up before no-tilling straight into it.

Classic Vertical Tillage Tools:

2009 30′ Salford 570 RTS
2006 40′ Great Plains 4000TT Turbo Chopper
2009 30′ Great Plains 3000TT Turbo Chopper

These are workhorse tools that are good spring and fall for rapidly running over ground to open it up just enough to get a little air and warmth.

Disk Harrows:

2014 30′ 2620 Disk with Harrow
2000 30′ 630 Disk with Harrow

Great for Land Leveling, Filling Ruts, and Residue Management.

Disk Rippers:

2004 17′ 2700 7 shank
2004 17′ 2700 7 shank

Break up compaction while getting some leveling and stalk breakdown at the same time.

Big Rippers:
512 9 Shank with Harrow

We like the way the 512 opens up the ground, but they pull hard – we used a 9410R on this ripper and it worked well. These travel about 17′ wide, so they are more difficult to transport over long distances

We can ship any tillage tools to any location, but each load is different so give us a call to talk about the details.